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Development of a Paracorporeal Pump-Integrated Artificial Lung for Transport of Warfighters with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)


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Our goal is to develop a pump-integrated artificial lung (pPIAL) device for the safe warfighter transfer from combat theaters to regional medical centers. This one-piece compact pPIAL allows attachment to the patient body (paracorporeal) to enable easy deployment in the battlefield setting. In this first year of the DoD grant, we utilized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation to refine the original design, not only for least potential of blood damage and thrombogenicity, but also for best performance of pumping and oxygenation. Based on the refined design, we established the technique/methodology to fabricate a high quality, complete working pPIAL system prototype, including the artificial lung, integrated pneumatic pump, and pneumatic pump console. Using this fabrication methodology, we made an initial pPIAL system prototype. Our first year solid achievements smooth the continuation of next two years proposed research, including in vitro bench testing and long-term animal evaluation. Due to the simpler, paracorporeal circuit, the pPIAL system will be easily deployed in the battlefield. The considerably shorter blood tubing connection will make the transport of ARDS warfighters much safer. The combined rapid deployment of respiratory support and safe transport for more comprehensive treatment will likely decrease ARDS mortality in these soldiers.



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