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The MexTAg Collaborative Cross: Understanding Genetic Modifiers in Mesothelioma


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This is the third progress report for award CA170299. In the last 12 months we have overcome a major setback associated with breeding the last 20 CC-MexTAg groups and have successfully bred and asbestos exposed all 70 groups CC-MexTAg groups onto the asbestos exposure study. Moreover, we now have complete data from 60 of 70 groups and are able to perform interim analysis. The final 10 CCMT groups remain on study and we will have complete data by November 2021. Interim analysis demonstrates significant variation in disease phenotype, with a 3-fold change in median survival and disease latency between groups. We have identified a variety of qualitative trait loci (QTL) for each of 5 traits (phenotypes) being assessed and are currently investigating genes and regulatory elements associated with each QTL. These data will be used to interrogate human mesothelioma datasets once complete CCMT data has been obtained. To date, we have completed or will soon complete Aims 1 and 2. Aim 3 is currently underway as we have now received US DoD human ethics approval. We are on track to achieve all stated aims by the end of December 2021. A no-cost extension has been approved through to January 31st 2022.



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