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Statement of Werner Grosshans, Deputy Director Procurement, Logistics, and Readiness Division before the Investigations Subcommittee Committee on Armed Services House of Representatives on Department of Defense Procurement Plan for a New Semi-Automatic 9mm Pistol as the Standard Military Sidearm


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I am pleased to have this opportunity to appear before the Subcommittee on behalf of the General Accounting Office to discuss the status of our work concerning the Joint Services Small Arms Program. The primary focus of our current work is to determine whether appropriate consideration was being given to other, possibly more cost-effective, alternatives to replacing the .45 and .38 caliber pistols with a new 9 millimeter (mm) semiautomatic. In March 1980 we reported (LCD-80-41) on the need for the Army to improve its management and inventory control of small arms. In that report we found that the Army had not established nor maintained accurate inventory information needed to effectively manage its M2 machine gun program. As a result the Army could not determine whether decisions on procurement, distribution, or disposal of the M2s were appropriate. For example, after we identified that M2s were available in the Army as well as in the Navy and Air Force inventories, of which the Army was unaware, the Army cancelled a planned $10.2 million purchase of M2s. Instead of purchasing new weapons, available M2s were redistributed among the services. The available M2s had not been considered because of incorrect inventories, invalid status and condition, and improper reporting by the services of weapons they no longer need for immediate requirements.



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