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Integration Of Interoperable Android Based Command And Control Systems To Create More Realistic Tactical Training


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This thesis focuses on the interoperability of Android mobile devices during live military training to modelthe dynamic nature of adversarial forces and enhance realism. The research explores the efficient and effectiveapplication of existing interoperability protocols and architectures to transfer and display tactical data to assistground forces in achieving their training objectives.Specifically, to address some of the limitations of current training systems that do not support customization,a prototype of an application for Android devices is developed and tested. Consisting of a Mobile Entity Simulatorand a Mobile Hit Actor (MHA), the developed prototype proved capable of allowing the devices to connect to amilitary communication system via Wi-Fi. Once connected, they could send packets to a command and control(C2) system using the distributed interactive simulation (DIS) protocol. Thus, the mobile device could mimic thepresence of an arbitrary military unit at the devices coordinates. Moreover, the MHA not only proved successfulin registering detonation data but also played a corresponding sound to enhance realism.



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