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Integration of Radar Sensor Data with Situational Awareness Tools to Respond to an Unmanned Aerial Threat


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Detecting unmanned aerial systems (UAS) is complicated. Integrating and sharing radar information across multiple domains (air, land, and sea) is a problem. Current research on UAS detection focuses primarily on detecting UAS over ground forces and national critical infrastructure, but what happens when UAS starts challenging warships in a harbor or open ocean? How can information be collected and shared wirelessly during a multi-agency crisis event? Could detected UAV sensor data be shared in a wireless mesh network (WMN) with other agencies? Our study demonstrated the possibility of integrating simulated data from SAAB's G1X radar system, integrated with the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) situational awareness application, during a small-scale multi-agency crisis response exercise. The technology worked flawlessly; however, we noticed that counter UAS tactics techniques and procedures (TTP), international UAS laws and regulations, and cueing and automation must be further examined and reworked for today's fight and interagency response. In addition, we discovered that cell phone coverage did not effectively cover San Francisco Bay during the exercise. To mitigate this gap, we successfully extended a WMN using Persistent Systems' MPU-5 radios to create a broader capability of maintaining network functions in a non-networked environment.



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