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Implementing Post-Pandemic, Maximized Telework Initiatives Within the USTRANSCOM Acquisition Directorate


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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for maximized telework throughout the world, and this trend continues to evolve as the new standard. Due to system limitations, varying degrees of experience, and less than adequate supervision capabilities, this new normal has been met with some resistance; however, there has also been an overwhelming success in United States Transportation Command Acquisition Directorate's (USTRANSCOM-AQ) ability to execute their contracting mission while teleworking. The current telework environment was implemented swiftly for safety reasons. After the pandemic, the world will see many lasting historical effects of this time, one being telework as a new business practice" normal. Private industry will likely eliminate office space, thus reducing overhead, and move toward permanent telework. For the USTRANSCOM-AQ Directorate to recruit and retain the most talented contracting professionals, they will need to offer this benefit to compete with private industry. This analysis examines the current satisfaction rate of teleworking within USTRANSCOM-AQ and what additional policy elements, such as motivation and empowerment, IT resources and collaboration tools, and training, are needed to fully implement maximized telework initiatives post-pandemic.



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