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Procurement Administrative Lead-Time


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The purpose of the research is to examine and recommend a more appropriate beginning time for the start of procurement administrative lead time (PALT) for sole-source, major weapon system contract awards greater than $500 million within the Department of Defense. The scope of this research is confined to PALT. It examines the activity which precedes solicitation release, which includes Acquisition Requirements Lead Time (ARLT), the time attributable to the contract requirements owners to develop and submit a procurement ready contract request package contract award. Contract requirements owners activities consist of five phases, three milestone decisions, and four additional decisions as outlined in Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Acquisition System Life Cycle. Currently, PALT is defined as the number of days between solicitation release and contract award. Identifying an earlier start to PALT to include the contract requirements development process can create incentives to drive greater efficiencies in the requirements development process, which has long been recognized as one of the most significant sources of delay in the acquisition lifecycle. Accurately predicting PALT provides commanders and decision-makers with the ability to make better strategic business decisions to support the warfighter.



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