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Toward a Miniature Ultrasound Device for Imaging TBI Under PFC Scenarios


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Tissue pulsatility imaging (TPI) of brain structure -- hence sTPI -- of individual moderate to severe TBI brains can (a) identify the presence of and quantify the spatial extent of epidural and subdural hematomas as well as (b) differentiate those brain injuries from others that arise due to closed-head trauma and from the brains of trauma/non-TBI patients, in a manner comparable to computed tomography (CT) imaging. The focus of our study is to develop and test on civilian patients a field deployable(tablet-based) ultrasound imaging device for brain structure after moderate to severe TBI. We observed TBI features within sTPI images that correlate with the damage associated with TBI highlighted by corresponding CT or magnetic resonance (MR) images. After 3 years, we expect to deliver a prospectively tested (in the setting of a preclinical study) finals TPI ultrasound-data processing algorithm, deployed on a tablet-based and otherwise standard diagnostic ultrasound system. Aim 1: We are collecting sTPI of brains of moderate to severe TBI patients and of controls. Aim 2: We have made very significant progress in developing sTPI software and deploy on a tablet-based ultrasound system. We use trauma/non-TBI patients as controls.



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