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Relationships between 3D body scanner-derived body measurements and walking metabolic rate in healthy, active military-age men and women.


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This work investigates the use of 3D scanner-derived body measurements to predict individual differences in walking metabolic rate. Methods: Eighteen Soldiers (16 male and 2 females; age 25.6 6.9 years, height 174.3 7.3 cm, body mass (BM) 74.3 12.8 kg) participated in a controlled load carriage study. Volunteers were each assessed by a 3D full body scan (SS20 Booth Scanner, Size Stream LLC; Cary, NC) before completing six minute walking trials on a treadmill at 1.97 ms-1. Metabolic rate was measured during walking trials using indirect calorimetry (TrueOne 2400, ParvoMedics; Salt Lake City, UT). Regression analysis was performed to find the coefficient of determination (R2) values to determine the statistical correlation between 3D scanner-derived body measurements and metabolic rate. Results: 3D scanner provided 243 calculated body measurements, of these, 45 had moderate correlations (R2 between 0.14-0.45). Nine of the top ten ranked measurements were either a midsection height or waist circumference. Notably, Outside Leg Length Left showed the highest correlation (R2 = 0.277). Conclusion: This study highlights a number of midsection height and waist circumference measurements as 3D scanner-derived predictors of individual differences in walking metabolic rate. Further investigations should be conducted with larger and more diverse sample sizes to better represent large military populations.



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