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Use of the Microscope in Endodontics: A Questionnaire Based Study


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The primary purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of dental operating microscope (DOM) use among endodontists and compare current utilization to historical trends. Secondarily, we sought to determine if the incorporation of image capture technology (ICT) with the DOM has changed the daily practice of endodontics and what effect market size may have on their utilization. A web-based survey regarding the DOM, with ten questions, was sent to 4042 active members of the American Association of Endodontics (AAE). Data collected from 1174 participants, a response rate of 29%, indicated that 96.2% of all endodontists have access to and use the DOM in their practice and 73.8% reported no limitations to use. Among those who use the DOM, 61.1% reported using ICT. The greatest limitation to ICT was increased time requirements. Via a chi-square test and binary logistic regression, our results indicate that market size has no effect on the use of the DOM or ICT (P=0.21). The most common reason for ICT was documentation, with 67.9% participants reporting that they use captured images for this purpose. The majority of respondents, 61.6%, indicated that they agreed with the statement The ability of others to see what I see with the microscope has greatly improved my endodontic practice. In conclusion, we found that the use of the DOM by endodontists has increased to 96.2%, and that image capture technology has improved the ability of others to appreciate the intricacies of endodontics.



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