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Weapons and Munitions of War: Field Equipment for Signal troops

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The study of the organization and equipment of an adequate service of information in modern war is beset with peculiar difficulties. Cavalry, Field Artillery, and Infantry are rich in literature drawn from the experience of centuries, to which able generals and learned essayists have contributed. It is only in the last quarter century that any marked advance has been made in the art of conveying information in war, which makes it difficult to find extensive or adequate treatment of the subject in standard military writings; in fact almost the entire list of appliances suitable for electric field telegraphy has been devised within the last few years and even noted military writers like Derrecagaix, Gall, James, Baden-Powell, or Lewal have either ignored the subject or have made scant references to it. In some instances they have referred to such service only to remark with regret its short-comings and all too obvious limitations imposed by the complexity, intricacy, or cumbersome character of the appliances required for the transmission of information under war conditions.



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