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Differing Acidity Levels of Five Dipping Tobacco Products and the Possible Dental Implications


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The purpose of this study is to compare pH differences of different dipping tobacco products and provide a literature based discussion of potential dental implications. Fifty (50) total samples prepared from five dipping tobacco products. For each sample,2.00 grams of dipping tobacco weighed using a scientific scale and weighing paper. The dipping tobacco was then transferred to a 25-mL graduated cylinder and 20 mL of reagent grade water was added. pH readings were then taken for each sample. For the first sample of each tobacco product, pH was measured at 5, 15, and 30 minutes. If there was no systematic variation in pH with time, the subsequent nine samples were measured at 5 minutes. Final pH determination was recorded to an accuracy of two decimal places for each sample. Of the five products tested, Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen showed the highest mean pH of 8.19. Skoal Long Cut Classic Wintergreen had the lowest mean pH at 6.88. The thus null hypothesis is rejected. In other words, a significant difference exists in the measured pH between the different aqueous mixtures of dipping tobacco products. No significant difference between the mean pH for the Skoal Long Cut Berry Tobacco Blend dipping tobacco and the Skoal Long Cut Classic Wintergreen tobacco. However, all other means are statistically different. Statistically significant differences exist between the pH levels of different dipping tobacco products when prepared in aqueous mixture.



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