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Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF) 2.0


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In 2018, the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF) was created to undertake an audacious effort to holistically understand challenges and opportunities facing militaries and societies in an age increasingly dominated by the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), a broad area of activity characterized by the visible and invisible movement of light and energy. The task force was a triage response to an enterprise-wide knowledge deficiency about the criticality of issues confronting the United States and its allies as every aspect of modern society becomes increasingly reliant on the EMS. As the journey began, the principals assembled a coalition of experts (fellows) like no other, including a broad and diverse range of representatives from every possible agency, including federal, military, industry, and academia. The effort also required a unique approach to addressing complex and even seemingly unsolvable challenges. To accomplish this, fellows took part in almost 5,000 hours of war-gaming and tabletop exercises (TTX) to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the central issues within the community. The EDTF ecosystem now comprises more than 360 distinguished fellows, many of whom have invested the greater part of their careers solving and understanding the intricacies of the EMS. Covering EMS management and 5G to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and space weather to quantum and lasers to directed energy and beyond, the task forces primary purpose is to digest and disseminate EMS knowledge of a critical nature to the defense community. Thus, in 2018, the EDTF published four key findings.



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