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Protester claims that certain part number drawings bearing its title block were obtained and used improperly by another firm in order to qualify as potential supplier to Government. Awards made to alleged wrongdoer for part numbers in question will not be disturbed where alleged wrongdoer denies that drawings were obtained improperly. Protester's unproven claim of wrongdoing by contractor is matter to be resolved privately and not by Government.2. Government is not precluded from using drawings furnished with limited rights for internal purpose of verifying the currency of data packages submitted by another company seeking qualification as a potential source for like items.3. Clarification of illegible quotation should have been obtained by contracting officer prior to award to another offeror since negotiation procedures are designed to permit written or oral clarification after receipt of offers. However, award will not be disturbed since it does not appear contracting officer acted in bad faith by interpreting delivery terms of illegible quotation in manner unfavorable to offeror's competitive position.



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