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Military Operations within a Nation's Culture


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World Powers and Third World Countries have clashed throughout time. Each country has its own agenda, set by its national Interests. Whether its the nations wealth, religion, expansionism, or desire to increase regional security, the issues lie between the differences of ideologies and perspectives. One countrys political goal may challenge anothers by simple misunderstanding or poor communication. The distrust between nations is built by the failure of diplomacy, the lack of cooperation, and actions taken in converse to perceived intentions. It is the vision of native peoples of all countries to have a sovereign nation; independent, self-governing, and free from tyranny. A nation is born through its rich heritage, vast cultures, strong beliefs, and trusted value systems. It is a collage of its past, present, and future. A nation may flourish or flounder based on its generosity and greed. One nations rule imposed upon another may not fall in good favor with the general population thus resulting in insurrection and conflict. A good example of this is seen during the Cuba and Philippine Islands revolts against Spain. Whereas Cuba gained its independence, the Filipinos did not. In both instances the intervention of the United States was a culmination factor.



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