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The Terrorists of Nature Around Japan


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Japan is a beautiful country known for its anime, technology, rich and preserved history and structures over thousands of years. It was considered #2 out of 80 countries overall in a combination of entrepreneurship, heritage, culture, and quality of life among other things in 2019 (U.S. News, 2020). "There are currently 23 world heritage sites in Japan, 19 cultural ones and 4 natural ones" (Japan Guide, 2020). It is known for being one of the most peaceful countries in the world as it is ranked ninth place out of 163 countries in the Global Peace Index (Statistics Times, 2019). However, in all of its beauty and peace, Japan faces an imminent national security and economic stability threat. I had an opportunity to work directly with various ministries and organizations around the country and nothing can escape this ultimate truth. There are "terrorists" planning their next attack on the country and there will be another near to or worse than ever seen before. These so-called "terrorists" are not from the likes of ISIL or Al-Quaida. These "terrorists" are camped off of Japans coasts, her rivers, and the top of her mountains. These terrorists are from natural disasters.



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