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EW and Cyber Convergence: Beyond Information Warfare


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Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) and Cyberspace Operations (CO) are on divergent organizational paths driven by historical mission applications. Although both operate in and through the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), each organization views its use differently. EMSO focuses on exploiting, attacking, protecting, and managing the physical EMS, while CO is focused on the data driven human use of digital applications and the data contained within cyberspace and the EMS. Each community has a specialty developed over many years, but entrenched thought has created a divide between the two. Over time, doctrinal rhetoric or relabeling of terms may close the divide, but these efforts are cumbersome and often unsustainable. A more successful approach would be the assignment of common focus areas to unify applicable portions of each community. One such focus area should be building a coherent process within the Air Force to develop, test, and field relevant technology for embedded cyber applications in a timely manner. This focus areas mission would be fighting system to system with an initial Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) type approach of a blue aircraft system versus a reintegrated Air Defense System (IADS). This approach could be further scoped to air centric with a focus on the blue aircraft network versus the red aircraft network. To do this many classification boundaries will need to be lowered to enable EWOs, COs, engineers, and pilots to work together to field a sustainable system approach within the Air Force.



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