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Evaluation of Pearl Harbor Necessitates a Much-Needed Boost


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As the United States pivots to the West, the Indo-Pacific Region has become the theater of priority for the Department of Defense. As a member of this region, the United States shares a strong bond with its neighbors through history, culture, commerce and trade. China seeks to reorder this region to their advantage by leveraging its military modernization, influence operations, and predatory economics with the intent to expand their preeminence. Diplomacy is essential in promoting a unified region through trilateral and multilateral alliances, to deter China's aggression, ensure the freedom of navigation of the South China Sea, and maintain economic stability. China continues to modernize its Peoples Liberation Army with the aspiration to become a "world-class" military. If the warning order is passed, the United States must be prepared for a surge movement of equipment to support contingency operations in the Indo-Pacific Region. At the crux of this endeavor, is the Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor. The Ocean Terminal stands as a vital seaport to deploy the only U.S. combat division outside the continental United States. This paper seeks to answer the question whether FLC Pearl Harbor has the infrastructure in place to sustain a conflict with China.



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