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Enabling the Structural Design of High-Mach, High-Altitude Vehicles Through a Holistic Approach to Uncertainty Modeling


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The overall focus of this investigation was on the modeling and management of uncertainties, both epistemic and aleatoric, in structural-thermal reduced order models for the nonlinear geometric response of heated structures. This effort was motivated by and in strong support of the design and operation of the future hypersonic vehicles envisioned by the Air Force. Following the proposal, this investigation was divided into the three thrusts stated below and the work carried out under each thrust is summarized below. Research Thrust no. 1: Modeling of Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainties within Multi-Physics ROMs The focus of this first thrust was on developing the necessary modeling of epistemic and aleatoric uncertainties directly on the reduced order models. This effort built upon an earlier paper by the PI which proposed an approach applicable to simple structural model but exhibiting indeterminacy and significant numerical issues for more complex ones. The first key contribution to the Thrust no. 1 was then to resolve both the indeterminacy and the numerical issues and successfully applying the approach to several ROMs of complex structures.



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