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Curved Space Photonics Inspired by General Relativity Concepts


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This project is aimed at creating a novel class of photonic devices with intricate design in full three dimensions. As opposed to typical nanophotonic devices that are designed and fabricated in planar settings by controlling the refractive index of the materials, we envision devices that control the properties of light just based on the principles of light propagation in curved space. The results of our studies have been published in top journals (two papers Nature Photonics, one in the Rapid Communications section of Physical Review A, and one in Physical Review X). In the first paper, we demonstrated a new class of nanophotonic structures in three dimension where the evolution of light is controlled through the space curvature of the medium. In the second paper, we showed that it is possible to observed new topological phenomena by using curved-space photonic lattices. In the third paper, we experimentally demonstrated the existence of accelerating beam in curved space. Finally, in our most recent paper that will be appearing shortly in Nature Photonics, we describe optical waveguiding by virtue of synthetic (artificial) gauge fields.



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