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Conversion of Clinical Data from the NABISH I and II into FITBIR


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The Specific Aims of this project were to: 1) prepare the data sets from NABISH I, II and IIR for upload into FITBIR, 2) upload the data to FITBIR using their required validation and upload procedures, and 3) verify that these data were uploaded correctly. Substantial progress was made during the original award period (9/31/2014-9/29/2015). In September 2015, the PI, Dr. Miller accepted a new position and relocated to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). At this time original funding site, Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), shut down the award, and all work halted. Efforts to transfer the award were more complex and time-consuming than anticipated, with receipt of the award at VCU finally occurring July 15, 2016. In late October, 2016, Dr. Miller, the PI went on medical leave, retuning in early December, 2016. Project-related efforts in 2017-2018 focused on finding a data services provider to complete the technical work of preparing mapped data files for submission to FITBIR. Inability to identify a data services provider has ultimately prevented the completion of this project.



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