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Quantum Properties of Molecular Nanomagnets


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The objective of this collaborative project involving Florida State University (USA), the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy), and Osaka City University (Japan), is to identify potential molecular spin clusters for qubit encoding and to determine the optimum experimental conditions to fully exploit these systems in information and secure communication technologies. This challenge requires the joint effort of international teams with different skills, instrumentation with specific performances, and theoretical tools to understand the quantum features of this molecular hardware. During the third year of this project, we have focused on key experiments to demonstrate that molecular nanomagnets represent viable candidates for the implementation of quantum technology. Multiple exchanges of personnel (including students) have taken place between the partner institutions, and the project PIs have met on multiple occasions at international conferences and workshops to discuss the outcomes of the research, complete joint publications, and to plan the next steps in the collaboration. Thirteen publications have resulted from the project, including a paper in Nature, and several joint publications involving groups of the project PIs. Several other publications are either under review or in preparation.



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