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Learning Agility - Preparing Leaders to Fight and Win in a Complex World


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The implicit role of the Maneuver Captains Career Course (MCCC) is preparing leaders to command at the tip of the spear. These leaders employ their skills where experience, judgment, problem solving, and critical and creative thinking come face-to-face with the enemy. This study uses descriptive research and the grounded theories approaches to achieve a qualitative analysis of how the Army currently develops learning agility within the broader framework of leader development at the MCCC. Specifically, this study uses the MCCC, as a part of the Armor and Infantry Officer's professional military education program, to analyze an organization that intentionally seeks to develop mental agility through efforts at the institutional, operational, and individual level. Using the Korn and Ferry Five Factors of Learning Agility, this study will qualitatively assess the curriculum and organizational efforts that contribute to the development of learning agility. Broadly, the research finds that the MCCC serves as a model organization for enhancing learning agility and developing leaders, with small opportunities to further increase effectiveness across leader development domains. The recommendations are intended to further optimize leader and leadership development across the maneuver force.



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