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A Stated Preference Analysis of the Determinants of Unit and Soldier Operational Effectiveness: Online Appendixes


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Your Task: You are the deputy G-3 for a multinational corps conducting counterinsurgency operations in a medium-sized developing nation. The corps has established an effective security presence throughout most of the country, but there are provinces that coalition forces have had to concede to the insurgents because of insufficient coalition forces. You are trying to accumulate forces to launch offensives into these areas. You will be given three different scenarios. Each scenario presents a thumbnail sketch of the situation in a brigade combat team (BCT) area of operations. Scenarios highlight the human and physical terrain, enemy capabilities and level of activity, and the unit's anticipated mission. Each scenario consists of five rounds. In each round, you will be asked to choose the most appropriate BCT to perform the mission described in the scenario. Options will differ with respect to several major characteristics, including BCT type, the units experience in country, its level of post-mobilization training (if ARNG), and the cost that choosing that particular unit will incur in terms of risk to the commanders overall plan, especially the intention to launch an offensive. Choices will be presented in table format.



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