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A New Methodology for Conducting Product Support Business Case Analysis (BCA)


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The F-22 program was postured to rely heavily on contractor logistics support during the acquisition phase of its life cycle. In 2009, the F-22 System Program Office led a business case analysis (BCA) of F-22 sustainment. Based on the findings of that BCA, in 2010, the secretary of the Air Force decided to transition most functions, other than supply chain management, from the sustainment contractors to the government. The secretary directed that the feasibility of transitioning supply chain management be re-examined in three to five years. (Section 805 of the fiscal year [FY] 2010 National Defense Authorization Act requires revalidation of BCAs of product support strategies for major weapon systems be revalidated at least every five years.) In 2014, the F-22 System Program Office began a second product support BCA for the F-22 air vehicle and F119 engine and asked RAND Project AIR FORCE (PAF) to support the BCA. The BCA has included, among other things, assessment of U.S. Air Force progress in implementing recommendations from the 2010 Product Support BCA, identification of additional F-22 sustainment elements that could be transitioned to organic support in 2018 and beyond, and assessment of a variety of alternate support strategies (including new applications of performance-based logistics agreements).



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