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European Relations with Russia: Threat Perceptions, Responses, and Strategies in the Wake of the Ukrainian Crisis


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This is the second in a series of reports on the impact and implications of the Ukraine crisis on European security; it was produced under a project titled, "Security in Europe in the Wake of the Ukraine Crisis: Implications for the U.S. Army." This report examines how European states perceive Russia's behavior in eastern and northern Europe in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis. It focuses on three key analytical questions: Do European states see Russia as a major security threat, and, if so, what is it that Russia might threaten? How have European states responded to date - either individually, through the European Union, or through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization? How might these policies change if Russia takes even more aggressive steps in the future? Human Subject Protections protocols have been used in this research in accordance with the appropriate statutes and U.S. Department of Defense regulations governing Human Subject Protections. The views of sources rendered anonymous by Human Subject Protections protocols are solely their own and do not represent the official policy of the U.S. Department of Defense or the U.S. government.



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