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The Case for a Medium Tank to be Incorporated into the Joint Force


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The M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank was developed as part of the "Big 5" weapons systems. These weapons systems were built to fight a Soviet threat with massive, numerically superior armored forces. Integrating into the AirLand battle concept, the Abrams was the first U.S. tank designed to be a heavy front line tank with the maneuverability of a medium tank and dominate on the open fields of European operations. During the last three decades the Abrams has excelled when fighting in similar operating environments. Recently, the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) published a new analysis predicting that Megacities dominate the battlefields of the 2030s and beyond. Additionally, in the interim, the National Military Strategy has conducted a "Shift to the Pacific." Because of the dispersed nature of the Pacific theater, amphibious warfare will likely dominate the near future. This research study will use a qualitative approach using several case studies to compare the requirements of tanks operating in the anticipated future environments of Megacities and amphibious assaults to the past effectiveness of tanks and the M1 Abrams while operating in similar environments. This study will answer if the U.S. needs a medium tank.



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