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The Transformation of Romanian Army Special Operation Forces Officers Education


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Romanian Army Special Operation Forces (Romanian ARSOF) were created as a counter-terrorist unit in 2003 in response to a strategic partnership with the US and Romania. The unit's purpose is to deploy outside of Romania under NATO command as a niche capability to conduct SOF-specific missions in theatres of operation outside the national territory. But with the emerging Russian threat to Eastern Europe, Romanian ARSOF faces a different type of mission-set: national defense and integration with large maneuver forces in contested multi-domain environments. The problem to be examined is, in its current format, the current Romanian ARSOF officer education is not prepared to address these challenges. The study will address this problem by suggesting how to transform Romanian ARSOF officer education to address the complex challenges of today and tomorrow's operational environment? The author will analyze the challenges that current Romanian ARSOF officer education is facing in this new complex and dynamic environment and compare it to the US ARSOF PME in order to identify educational approaches and recommendations that might be suitable for the Romanian ARSOF case. This study is critical not only for the Romanian ARSOF present and future missions, but it could support other NATO and non-NATO countries efforts in addressing similar issues.



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