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Recommended Implementation Priorities for Dev(Sec)Ops

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Process DevOps is about people, not about tooling. It is important that you define your software development process, requirements, and goals. Compatibility When designing a DevOps pipeline and selecting development tools, it is imperative that tools will smoothly operate in all environments. If this is not possible, it might be necessary to use more than one tool. However, one must be careful; each development group or contractor could pick a different tool. This will be management disaster. Consistency Consistent software requires consistent processes around the SDLC. Each team and team member need to understand the chosen software process. Documentation and process enforcement is the key to success.Security An important part of the software deployment process is security. It is also an integral part of RMF and ATO. Depending on the hardware, software, and environment, there are numerous ways to implement software assurances. Communications DevOps is about people communicating. Open communications are required to have a successful DevOps environment. The DevOps way is to ensure that there is transparency across all stakeholders of a project. In addition, developers need to visualize how and when their builds will be tested and deployed, system operators need to be aware of upcoming installations, and end user will need to be trained for new features.



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