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Consolidating Gains: Civil Control, Military Governance and Rule of Law Operations in a Large-Scale Combat Environment


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The initial success of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan resulted in stalemate and instability that continues to the present day. The United States military needs to have the capabilities to consolidate combat gains to prevent stalemate and instability. The U.S. military is the only agency with the potential to restore order to areas during and after major combat operations. To do this, the joint force relies on the Army. While the Army has developed some capability to consolidate gains, it continues to conduct operations following large scale combat that are ineffective and counterproductive. The United States Army must develop and expand its capabilities to consolidate gains, or it will be difficult or impossible to transition foreign occupied areas back to the civil authorities and stable governments. This thesis examines the organization, training, leadership and education dimensions of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) model applied to rule of law operation to identify how the Army can effectively conduct civil control during and immediately following large scale combat operations. If the U.S. Army invests in capabilities to conduct rule of law operations, it will be capable of rapidly and decisively restoring order and meeting national strategic objectives.



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