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Erosion Control of Earth Covered Magazines to Maintain Minimum Cover Requirements


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Soil erosion of cover for earth covered magazine (ECM) storage presents a unique challenge to traditional embankment practices. Due to the strict guidelines on the necessary soil cover, as well as material allowed for use in erosion deterrence, many traditional soil erosion techniques are not allowable. This report investigates current soil erosion techniques and their applicability to magazine cover focusing on regulations, costs, and ease of implementation. The techniques investigated were based on currently used techniques from 2003 to the present but did not include research-only stage mechanisms.The objective of this research effort was to investigate currently available erosion mitigation methods and their feasibility for ECM application. Main areas of concern for ECMs are envisioned to be cost, ease of implementation, and potential for added debris. Based on the reviewed literature, it appears that chemical or vegetative stabilization are likely the best methods for ECMs erosion prevention. This assumes that simple soil compaction is not adequate, as it is otherwise generally the best approach. After a selection is made of a proposed solution to this issue, additional testing is suggested as a proof of erosion deterrence.



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