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Caterpillar C7 Fuel System Durability Using 30% ATJ Fuel Blend


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The U.S. Army has a desire to reduce its dependence on traditional petroleum based fuels. Recent investigation has focused on the viability of alcohol to jet (ATJ) based fuels as a blending component for use with traditional petroleum based aviation fuels. This report covers a second investigation into the use of a 30% ATJ blended fuel in the Caterpillar (CAT) C7 engine. Testing was conducted following an accelerated 210hr Tactical Wheeled Vehicle cycle to determine impact on engine performance, combustion, fuel system durability, raw gas emissions, and combustion related deposits. Overall performance degradation as a result of using the ATJ blend over the 210hr test duration was approximately 3% for the both the ATJ blend and F-24 post-test powercurves. End of test power levels and emissions between the ATJ blend and F-24 were essentially identical. Post-test inspection of the fuel injector tips, combustion chambers, and fire deck did not yield any abnormal deposit generation, and post-test fuel injector flows checks and internal component inspection suggested that the ATJ blend fuel did not negatively affect the performance or durability of the C7 engine fuel system.



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