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Comparison of Generic and Proprietary Aquatic Herbicides for Control of Invasive Vegetation: Part 1. Floating Plants


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Herbicides are one of the most effective and widespread ways to manage nuisance aquatic vegetation in the U.S. After the active ingredient is selected, often there are multiple proprietary and generic branded products to choose from. Limited research has been conducted to compare the efficacy of these herbicides head to head. Therefore, a series of mesocosm trials were conducted to evaluate 2,4-D, glyphosate, diquat, and triclopyr against the floating species giant salvinia, water hyacinth, and water lettuce. All active ingredients were applied to the foliage at broadcast rates commonly used in applications to public waters. Visual observations indicated that all herbicides within a particular active ingredient performed similarly with regard injury symptoms. There were no significant differences in product performance with regard to 2,4-D vs. water hyacinth, diquat vs. water lettuce, glyphosate vs. giant salvinia, and triclopyr vs. water hyacinth. Although statistical differences in performance of products were detected in the diquat vs. water lettuce (trial 3) and both glyphosate vs. water hyacinth trials, these differences were not consistent across initial and repeated trials. These results demonstrated that under outdoor mesocosm conditions, the majority of the generic and proprietary herbicides provided similar control, regardless of active ingredient or rate.



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