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Applications of the Single Scatter Subtraction (S3) Method for Rough Surface Scattering Cross Polarization in Rough Surface Scattering


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This report summarizes the progress made in developing a more physics-based method for dealing with scattering from two-dimensional rough surfaces. A new approach comprising the splitting of the current induced on a conducting surface into single and multiple scatter components is developed. A closed form augmentation of the Kirchhoff current is obtained for the single scatter part and an integral equation is derived for the multiple scatter current. The single scatter current is obtained by a simple fitting of extensive numerical computations for one-dimensional, sinusoidal surfaces which produce a heretofore unknown dependence upon the surface curvature. This term is essentially the same as the second term in a Luneburg-Kline series but it differs from previous results in that it is associated with the current vice the scattered field. Surface parameter ranges of validity for this result are established and the effects of truncating the extended surface are obtained and shown to be physically plausible. Finally, computations are presented that indicate that the simple curvature result can also be used for a sum of sinusoidal surfaces.



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