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Methods Evaluation for Assessing Release of Manufactured Nanomaterials from Polymers, Consistent with the NanoGRID Framework: Advanced and Additive Materials: Sustainability for Army Acquisitions


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This Technical Report (TR) extends on the ERDC NanoGRID (Nanomaterials Guidance for Risk Informed Deployment) program and considers methods needed to assess material released from composites made with manufactured nanomaterials (MN). Specifically this TR builds from the measurement literature on multi-walled carbon nanotubes released from a matrix to additional application to other MN. The TR informs product development decisions using NanoGRID by facilitating consideration of whether risk characterization is feasible for a given choice of product composition without substantial investment in analytical methods development. In many cases product use can be well characterized and the resulting methods requirements are simple, while in other cases the nature of product use may result in unmeasurable exposures to MN due to the analytical characterization constraints. Understanding these cases prior to product scale-up will enable more accurate cost projections and reduce potential harm of exposures to MN if they are later identified as posing potential health risks. Furthermore, applying the NanoGRID framework to guide evaluation of MN release measurement methods will aid in prioritizing methods evaluation and methods development work in process in ISO TC229 and ASTM E56. The intention of this TR is to clarify risk management uncertainty for product development.



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