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Notes on Underwater Sound Research and Applications Before 1939


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This paper gives an account of some aspects of the development of underwater acoustics from the very active period during World War I up to the beginning of World War II. 1n particular, the acoustics research and technological efforts which were conducted at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington during this period will be highlighted. The writing of this account was suggested by the Editors of the U.S. Navy Journal of Underwater Acoustics who indicate that they believe it will be of substantial benefit to Journal readers in the perspective of present day research. As they put it, being in the field "the sole active survivor of the small group of workers in government during the twenties and early thirties," it ls up to me to provide an account of that period. Since I have spent a major part of my professional life at NRL the reader can hardly expect the NRL parts of the narrative to be wholly objective. After all, it is the product of one who was an active and interested participant in the research and development work which was conducted at the laboratory during the period under consideration. It is desirable to point out that a tremendous difference in attitude towards science existed in this country some forty years ago as contrasted with the present. Today, science and technology are dominant realities in our lives. During the twenties and thirties, the impact of science and technology upon our social structure was insignificant in comparison with the meaning and value society places upon modern scientific achievement. TOC: Part I - Underwater Acoustic Research During World War I. Part U - Sonar Developments at NRL Before 1939.



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