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RCC 106-19 Telemetry Standards, Annex A-3. ADARIO Data Block Field Definitions

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The details of the Analog/Digital Adaptable Recorder Input/Output (ADARIO) data block format are provided in Figure A.3-1 and in the ADARIO data format field summary. As shown in Figure A.3-1, the eight session header words are the first eight words of the block. The channel packet for the highest priority (priority 1) channel is next, followed by the next lower priority channel packet (priority 2). Following the lowest priority channel, fill data consisting of all ones are inserted as required completing the 2048-word data block. Within the channel packet, the first five words are the channel header words including the partial word (PW). Following the channel header is the variable size channel data field. The channel data are organized in a last-in-first-out (LIFO) fashion. The first samples acquired in the block time interval appear in the last data word of the channel packet. The sample data are formatted into the 24-bit data word such that the first sample occupies the most significant bits (MSBs) of the word. The next sample is formatted into the next available MSBs and so on until the word is full. As an example, data formatted into 8-bit samples is shown in Figure A.3-2. In cases where the 24-bit data word is not a multiple of the sample size, the sample boundaries do not align with the data words. In these cases, the samples at the word boundaries are divided into two words. The MSBs of the sample appear in least significant bits (LSBs) of the first buffered word and the LSBs of the sample appear in the MSBs of the next buffered word. Since the channel data appears in a LIFO fashion in the ADARIO data block, the MSBs of the divided sample will occur in the data word following the word containing LSBs of the sample.



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