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Extraction of Multiple Soundings from Model Output Files


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Evaluation of numerical weather prediction models commonly considers the surface and near-surface layers. Comprehensive and sophisticated statistical packages are available that can generate a variety of statistical measures, although they mostly consider the surface, near surface, and a limited number of higher levels, mainly within or near the boundary layer or at standard pressure levels. An earlier report presented several scripts and programs that may assist in a more complete evaluation of model performance. The software is able to extract vertical soundings from the output of several representative models, including the Global Forecast System, the Global Air Land Weather Exploitation Model, and the Weather Research and Forecast model, and can evaluate single or multiple soundings from the model output. This brief follow-on report extends the means to extract vertical soundings from model output files to include multiple soundings at user-defined horizontal intervals along a user-defined azimuth up to and including a user-defined maximum distance, as well as provides additional flexibility with respect to the output of soundings with user-defined level and layer structures based on height, pressure, or both. The added flexibility also is applied to radiosonde data.



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