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Boko Haram's Rise and the Multinational Response


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Boko Harams Islamic insurgency in northeast Nigeria has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, displaced millions of civilians, and threatened the security and stability of multiple nations. Despite a concerted effort by the militaries of Nigeria, Chad, Niger, and Cameroon, and the 2014 formation of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) committed to countering it, Boko Haram has remained remarkably resilient and continues to conduct attacks throughout the region. This thesis aims to understand the conditions that led to Boko Harams development as a violent jihadist organization in northeast Nigeria, how Nigerias heavy-handed response fueled Boko Harams growth, how the nations of the Lake Chad Basin responded to Boko Harams rapid expansion, and the successes and challenges of the multinational force built to combat it. Multiple interviews with current and former MNJTF officers provide insight into how the MNJTF plans and conducts counter-Boko Haram operations and the challenges the MNJTF faces. Ultimately, this thesis provides insight into how the MNJTF can help bring an end to Boko Harams insurgency and how nations of the Lake Chad Basin can prevent the next Boko Haram-type movement from developing.



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