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Lung Injury; Relates to Real-Time Endoscopic Monitoring of Single Cells Respiratory Health in Lung


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The goal of this proposal is to design a portable bronchoscope that can determine the health status of the tracheal epithelial lining cells by analyzing changes in their metabolic profile. The device is intended to be used to quickly single out which individuals is showing injury and inflammation in the trachea and lung and therefore to provide them with the most adequate and early care. In this closing year 2 funding period, we have tested and tuned up the bronchoscope we built in year 1 and we developed proprietary algorithms to speed up data acquisition and analysis. We performed extensive testing of our device on mouse trachea samples exposed to chemicals known to injure the tracheal epithelium and further confirmed that our approach can, indeed, separate injured tracheal tissues from the healthy ones without the use of additional reagents or chemicals. The size of the bronchoscope is quite small and will allow its transport and use by the military in the field or remote locations, while the reduced diameter of the instrument could permit its use on patients who are conscious. We recently submitted and IRB protocol and we plan to test this device on human subjects next year.



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