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US DoD xAPI Profile Server Recommendations


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This report offers objectives, requirements and recommendations related to the authoring, validation, governance and propagation of xAPI Profiles for US DoD. xAPI Profiles require a common way to be exchanged in order for semantic interoperability to work on a large scale. The exchange and management of profile data should be done through a federated network of profile servers. These xAPI Profile servers make it possible to author profiles, exchange public profile data between servers, and validate profiles to the profile specification. A learning record provider professional (LRPP) needs to be certified in the use of xAPI Profiles, both in the use of profile servers and the use of profile data in learning experiences, to enable plug-and-play interoperability at scale. In order for a federated network of xAPI Profile servers to serve their purpose, there needs to be a way for an organization or group to create an xAPI Profile and share the information they authored without risk of losing data or outside groups changing the given xAPI Profile. This requires a governance model where a central authority informs profile servers of who should have access to edit which profiles. Such an authoritative body also needs to identify which profiles are the most appropriate in a given context, verifying the quality and substance of an xAPI Profile. This is required for tools reading profiles to know which profiles are most high priority to ingest and use.



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