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Entry Level Training for Combat Communications Personnel


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This research explores the effectiveness of the entry-level information technology (IT) technical training methodology currently employed by the United States Air Force (USAF). The USAF training model includes a mixture of best practices recommended by the IT industry, including professional certification, technical and non-technical skills development, and the encouragement of undergraduate and graduate level learning. However, new accessions into combat communications (telecommunications) units seem unprepared to meet the demands of todays workplace. Through survey of these new employees and their supervisors, this study explores whether or not the USAF combat communications training model is effectively preparing new employees to operate in the cyberspace domain. The scope of this study is limited to the USAF's five active duty combat communications units. However, the results gathered have implications for the greater USAFs information technology and cyberspace training models, and could impact how the organization chooses to train and employ entry-level telecommunications and cyberspace professionals. USAF cyberspace professionals are trained in part using guidelines and recommended best practices taken from both industry and government. Therefore, the results of this study will either reinforce or contradict current opinions from the field regarding the best way to train and educate new information technology and telecommunications specialists.



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