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Bore Elevation and Azimuth Measurement System (BEAMS)


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A compact Bore Elevation and Azimuth Measurement System (BEAMS) apparatus and method was developed, tested, and placed into practical application by the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC). The BEAMS offers a simple approach to verify that weapon fire control pointing accuracy requirements are met. The BEAMS was demonstrated with 60, 81, and 120-mm mortar and 105-mm artillery weapon platforms and is adaptable to other weapon calibers. The BEAMS incorporates a laser apparatus designed to self-center on the weapon bore axis. An eye-safe laser is mechanically adjusted to position the laser aperture on-axis with the weapon bore. Optical adjustments within the laser housing permit the laser beam to be aligned coaxial with the true bore axis thus providing a projection of the bore axis. These features facilitate removal and/or measurement of bias from the apparatus. The BEAMS uses dual theodolites and conventional geodetic survey procedures to make three-dimensional measurements of the lasers position at two points along its path. From these measurements, the elevation and azimuth of the laser line and therefore the weapon tube axis may be computed. Accuracies on the order of 0.05 mils in elevation and azimuth are achievable in a field-test environment. The BEAMS is patent pending to the U.S. Army ARDEC.



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