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Perspectives of Marines with Prior Advisor-related Training


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In 2013, CAOCL and MCSCG initiated a qualitative study with a stated research objective to find out what cultural knowledge is useful or leads to mission success during deployment. To conduct this study, I observed classroom lessons in MCSCGs Global Training and Advising Course, conducted semi-structured interviews with Marines (at MCSCG, while on deployment, and upon return from deployment), and had occasional written communication with Marines while on deployment. Toward the end of the data gathering phase of the research project, an officer in the TIG expressed an interest in perspectives from Marines who had received prior advisor-related training. In all, one quarter of the total number of Marines in this research project (24 of 100 interviewees) offered a comparison between their current training at MCSCG and another pre-deployment training. Seven Marines received prior training at MCSCG, so their perspectives were about how the MCSCG training evolved over time. Six Marines attended at the Advisor Training Center (based at the MEFs) and the Advisor Training Group, located in Twenty nine Palms (hereafter referred to as ATC/ATG). The feedback from these Marines may be of particular interest to MCSCG, as it has recently become the service enabling organization for Security Cooperation and Security Force Assistance (SC and SFA), which includes portions of training that once occurred at ATC/ATG. Eleven Marines reported that they had deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan on a MTT, but did not specifically say where they were trained. Overall, Marines believe that MCSCG training has improved over time, and it breaks even with other types of advisor training. If MCSCG wishes to expand on its training, it may want to leverage the scenarios (both classroom and field exercise) that were developed for ATC/ATG, as these scenarios tended to receive high praise from Marines.



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