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Purchasing Equipment to Enhance the Study of Porous Si Based Energetics


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We propose to purchase several small equipment to facilitate the investigation of our current ARO project on quantification of ignition properties of porous Si based energetics. Over the past year, we have successfully synthesized a range of nanostructured porous Si and tested their ignition and heat release properties. As a next step, more accurate and quantitative measurements are needed to help us understand the relationship between the nanostructures of porous Si and their ignition and combustion properties. Initially, we proposed to purchase of a glove box for much better controlled synthesis of porous Si, a bomb calorimeter for heat of combustion measurement, an oxygen mass flow controllerfor precise gas control, a balance for precise sample mass measurement, and a flash unit and a spectroradiometer for flash ignition experiment. The addition of those equipment would greatly enhance our capability for our project, from synthesis, to measurement and characterization. With the budget, we did purchased the bomb calorimeter as planned. However, our differential Scanning Calorimetry system (TGA/DSC, LABSYS evo, shown in Fig. 5.) broke in the summer so that we asked permission to spend most of the remaining funding to pay for the repair service from Setaram. Then we used the remaining funding bought a centrifuge with accessories that has significantly enhanced our abilities in material synthesis.



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