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Instrument Development for a Long-Range, High-Resolution 3D Imaging Photon Counting LADAR


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We proposed to develop a high-resolution three-dimensional imaging LADAR system based on the principle of photon-counting and highly-resolution time-correlated measurements. Imaging capability of this photon-counting LADAR (PC-LADAR) was also proposed to be enhanced using polarimetric measurements. Following are some of our notable accomplishments: 1. Components for developing the PC-LADAR system have been acquired. This includes purchasing of major components such as picosecond laser sources (LDH-P-C-705 and LDH-P-C-840, PicoQuant), single photon detectors (PD-100-CTC-FC, Micro Photon Devices and SPCM-AQRH-16, Pacer-usa), picosecond event-timer (HydraHarp 400, PicoQuant), and high-bandwidth oscilloscope (DSO-X-4054A, Keysight Technologies) etc. 2. A software interface for PC-LADAR is developed for performing synchronized beam scanning with the laser transmitter. 3. Receiver assembly for PC-LADAR is designed using a large aperture (eight inch) telescope objective lens. Assembly design for the complete system is currently under progress. 4. Basic characterizations of the event-timer module for time-of-flight (TOF) measurements have been performed. 5. Experiments using a scanning LADAR prototype were conducted to demonstrate improvement in TOF (or range) resolution using a new multi-pulse detection scheme. 6. Students (one graduate student and two undergraduate students) are trained in performing LADAR system design, hardware testing and data acquisition.



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