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Transition of Army Ground Systems from Production to Sustainment


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The purpose of this research was to understand how Transitions of ground vehicle systems to Sustainment are managed at the TACOM LCMC, Warren Michigan. The management of the transition to sustainment for ground vehicle systems has been growing in importance as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down. The goal of this research was to evaluate current management processes across the organization to prepare for future challenges as the number of systems that transition to sustainment grows.This research used a mixed methods process that included a review of published literature and a survey that was distributed to the workforces located in the PEOs and the TACOM LCMC. The survey asked demographic questions, and questions about processes, obstacles, roles and responsibilities, leadership, and communications that are followed, recognized, and observed as transition to sustainment plans are developed and put into action.The data gathered from the survey was analyzed using descriptive statistics for correlations among the data collected, and to analyze items that were grouped into elements.The data analyses also included evaluation of participant responses to each survey question to understand and describe their perceptions of the management of transition to sustainment.The conclusions from the data analyses were that the management of Transitions to Sustainment is not efficient or being managed in ways that will make it to become efficient.There are three areas that need to be addressed to improve the management of transition to sustainment: Develop or update outdated guidance that addresses transition to sustainment; adjust resource plans to provide technical expertise during and after T2S occurs; and improve communications across the organizations at TACOM LCMC.



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