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Genetic Networks Activated by Blast Injury to the Eye


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The present grant proposes to look at the effects of blast on the eye of the mouse looking at phenotypic changes in the eye and in the changes in gene expression following a 50psi blast. We are using these data to define biomarkers to predict the severity of the injury and to predict eventual outcomes. We have examined the phenotypic changes in the eye in the BXD strains before and 5 days after a 50psi blast and have observed no strain specific change in either the cornea or the IOP. We have completed the normal retina database containing 222 microarrays from 58 strains of mice. The data was presented in a publication in Molecular Vision. We have collected 213 retinas from 54 strains 5 days after a 50psi blast. The RNA from the retinas was processed and was run on microarray. The database is complete and the manuscript describing the results is published in Frontiers in Genetics. We have found two good markers for retinal injury: SOX11 involved in the abortive regeneration response and POU6F2 which marks reginal ganglion cells that are very susceptible to injury. We continue to examine the involvement of the immune system in the response of the retina to injury.



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