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Cognitive Medical Wireless Testbed System (COMWITS)


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Future mobile broadband systems will need to be of high availability and flexibility to support mission-critical applications and new spectrum management paradigms. Testbeds shall play a major role in developing and testing these new wireless communications technologies and systems. Over the years, Wireless@Virginia Tech has built testbeds that enable research and education on dynamic spectrum access and 4G LTE, among others, using software-defined radio (SDR) technology. The 48-node COgnitive Radio Network (CORNET) testbed spans the 4floors of a campus building, whereas 12 outdoor nodes of O-CORNET are deployed on rooftops across campus for outdoor experiments. The LTE-CORNET testbed located at 475 Durham Hall allows for testing and evaluation of LTE systems for education and research. All testbed nodes are remotely accessible by registered users. Instead of having another dedicated testbed for supporting COMWITS (Cognitive Medical Wireless Testbed System) waveforms for medical applications, it is more effective if the capabilities of the existing testbed architecture are extended, and reutilized. The new combined testbed would then allow testing of various waveforms on common hardware through the use of existing and new USRPs, emulators, antennas and test equipment. Non-radiating and over-the-air modes will be possible by switching between channel emulators and antennas.



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