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Marine Resiliency Study II


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Marine Resiliency Study II (MRS II) is a collaborative project with an overarching objective to develop a platform to provide an early analysis of predictors of mental health outcomes, such as Post Traumatic Stress in Marines, in coordination with the Army Study of Risk and Resilience (Army STARRS) program, by evaluating the physical, family, social, cognitive and mental health status of ground combat Marines deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. The three components of MRS II will provide for : 1) Extended evaluation and additional follow-up assessments of remaining active duty Marines in battalions previously assessed by Marine Resiliency Study 1 (MRS I). 2) A MRS II specific assessment of Marines in battalions slated for deployment to enable the use of novel, stand- alone pre- and post- deployment measures independent of other ongoing projects, but can be designed to coordinate with measures used in the ARMY STARRS . 3) Pilot/Demonstration projects based on the data from the original and MRS II study for a series o small studies to investigate the feasibility of targeted prevention or intervention protocols, or the use of new technologies to identify biomarkers .The MRS II study has completed the data collection and cleaning phase for all projects, and has included all published MRS II manuscripts in this report. Additionally MRS II researchers continue to work on additional analyses, which will be provided to HQMC when they are completed and accepted for publication. MRS-II researchers continue to collaborate with Army STARRS researchers on replication various analyses, including gene expression, epigenetic and genetic analyses.



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